Title: Appropriate & Alternative Energy Technologies  For Food Production, Community Development, & Economic Development




Robert M. Service, Senior Consultant & Founder

R. M. Service & Associates (RMSA), USA

E-mail: [email protected]




RMSA Product Development: RMSA has been pioneering seven new technologies to provide electric power generation (at from .50 to $2.00 US/watt) and/or heating by blending their innovations in appropriate technology component design and in alternative energy system design.  These innovations include the Micro Energy Plant, LCR Heating System, LCR Heating Stove, RMSA Heat & Electricity Cogeneration Systems, F-2 Manure Pelletizer, RMSA Hydroelectric Turbine, RMSA V-Micro Wind Turbine, and the RMSA V-Micro Hydro Turbine.  Key components are under development by RMSA’s founder, first inventor, and senior consultant Robert M. Service.  Work is going on toward the commercialization of these new inventions, with intent to place much of the innovation into the public domain where it can not be legally stolen, yet is available for mankind’s benefit.  Some of the key components making the new inventions possible include this inventor’s rotary steam motor, new solid waste fuel burner designs, radiant heating radiator designs, solar thermal cogeneration unit designs, and the flexible drive systems for the hydro and wind turbine units.                                                                                                        : RMSA Alternative Energy Consulting: Inventor Robert M. Service and his 17 associate consultants have chosen to collaborate on a case by case basis on the design of complete alternative energy systems at global locations based on the four factors of client site capabilities, site’s regional supply of low cost fuels, client objectives, and client budget.  They will contract to design only, or to design, manufacture, and install a system.  Their specialty is in the design of  new and conversion systems to cogenerate electric power and heating using one free fuel (namely solar thermal, wind, hydroelectric, or methane) with a multiple low cost fuels backup integrated into each system to use agricultural wastes and other  low cost fuels when needed (not always needed for hydro systems).  RMSA looks to serve factories, hospitals, schools, small planned communities, farms, resettlements, and orphanages.  Projects that catch RMSA’s attention might include greenhouse farming to produce foods for direct human consumption at third world sites, or assignments applying one or more of their new technologies to make a difference for people in need.  Founder Robert M. Service says Isaac Newton was correct in stating that “Science is thinking God’s thoughts after Him” (note Proverbs 2:6; 3:19 and Romans 1:19 & 20).




Robert M. Service, male, inventor and founder of R. M. Service & Associates, was graduated in natural resources (forestry) from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, in 1965.  He started his own consulting business in 1973 and has phased into alternative energy product development and consulting since 2000.  He has written extensively for over three decades with his recent public report documents including “Site Utilization for Alternative Energy Applications,” “Key Elements of RMSA Cogeneration System Sustainability,” and the “Community Energy Solar Cogeneration Module with Alternate Power.”  Robert M. Service currently seeks to establish strategic alliances  with individuals and organizations presently working to meet human needs for affordable energy, human food production for direct human consumption, and community outreach in significant ways, out of a genuine concern for the welfare of others (ie: kindred spirits according  to Philippians 2:20 & 21).