Statement of Faith

Robert M. Service Ministries





  • We believe the Bible in its original text is God's inspired and authoritative Word without error or contradiction revealing God's plan for our salvation and eternal life through a personal relationship with the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • We believe there is one God eternally existent in the three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who created man in His own image to have fellowship with Himself, to please Him, to become like Christ, to serve Him, and to serve people.


  • We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ’s deity, pre-existence, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary death for our sin debt, bodily resurrection, ascension to Heaven, and Christ's second coming.


  • We believe mankind's fallen nature necessitates our salvation by grace alone through our personal faith, repentance, confession, commitment, and the regeneration of His Holy Spirit enabling us to then do the good works prepared by God beforehand for us to do.


  • We believe that the Christian is indwelt at salvation by God's Holy Spirit who then empowers and controls to the extent the saved person yields to God's will for their life, with the potential to be filled at times by His Holy Spirit.


  • We believe in the resurrection of all people either to life or to damnation with rewards for the saved based on works and obedience to God's Word.


  • We believe there is a spiritual unity of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ that is calling them to a communion with God and with one another, to reach out to others, and to live a righteous life with God's help.


Robert M. Service Ministries