Training Materials from RMSM

Training Materials Available from Robert M. Service Ministries



__ Basic Discipleship – A brief in depth coverage of all aspects of and Biblical requirements for those wishing to become disciples and then make disciples.  Independent or teacher led study.  Designed for six weekly lessons.  Workbook is 19 pages.

__ Community Wide Outreach — Community plan to organize a single or multiple church or group outreach ministry to include request handling, training, prayer, and more.  Includes forms, and guidance instructions.  Group study or teacher led.  Designed for six weekly lessons, field trips.  19 pages.

__ Community Development Methods – Ten weelly lessons that show how to apply new low cost equipment and methods to meet local human needs for food, electric power, water, income, job training, & local fuel from a local outreach ministry platform with discipleship.  40 pages.

__ Family Community Manual – A high school level homeschoolers workbook that gives challenging lessons in the five fields of Christian outreach ministry strategy, topical Bible studies, financial planning, kingdom building ministries, and end time events.  For teacher led or independent study.   Has 145 pages on compact disc.


Teaching Aids

Includes over 37 brief one to three page comprehensive study guides normally in one defined subject area with Biblical references and insights appropriate for study and applications to life and problem solving.  The number of separate aids for each subject are given within the parenthesis.

__ Apostate End Time Church (2)                       __ Development Strategic Alliance (1)

__ Basics of Christianity (1)                                __ False Doctrines (2)

__ Christian Giving (1)                                        __ Intentional Community (5)

__ Church Formation (5)                                     __ Ministry Strategies (2)

__ Community Development (4)                         __ Prayer Strategies (7)

__ Community Wide Outreach (8)                      __ Subject Study Guides (12)


Gospel Tracts

__ Love Letter from Jesus                                   __ Strongholds Breaking Prayer

__ Biblical Basics                                                 __ The Last Days Apostate Church

__ Faith vs Religion                                             __ Discipleship Defined

__ Bible Truths for the Last Days                       __ About Our Focus

__ Our Grace Card                                               __ Ministry Progression Chart


Construction & Development Documents

__ Appraisal Site Energy System Potentials      __ Greenhouse High Income Crops

__ Checklist for Development                             __ Hydroelectric Potentials Chart

__ Community Development Criteria                 __ Intentional Community Layout Examples

__ Community Development Steps                    __ Models for Community Food & Electricity

__ Community Greenhouse Const. & Mgt.         __ Strategic Alliance Business Plan

__ Demonstration Facility Example                    __ Sister Community Funding

__ Development Proposal Forms                        __ Wind Turbine Siting Guide


Technology Plans & Specifications

Production drawings with materials & specifications for each new innovation in food and electric power production.

__ Greenhouse & Raised Bed Design                  __ Solar Thermal Reflector

__ Greenhouse Anchors & Installer                    __ Solar Manure Dryer/Pelletizer

__ Solid Waste Fuel Burners                               __ Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

__ Low Cost Heating Radiators                           __ Rotary Steam Motor – 50 inch

__ Micro Hydroelectric Turbine                           __ Heat Storage Containment System

__ RMSA Cogeneration System                           __ Limited Use Agreement



__ Global Food Crises – A look at the areas of our world currently threatened with some level of food crisis or famine, the solutions that can solve, prepare for, and address both famine and poverty using low cost and practical technologies appropriate for site potentials and human objectives.  This is a 50 minute DVD.

__ Global Food Crises 2 – The above presentation on power point for custom presentations.


You may order the above items by circling each specific item requested or by placing a check mark in front of each item you like.  Sent free of charge to third world ministers and teachers and to all inmates.  Donations are accepted from developed world parties and for overseas postal mailings.  [email protected]  or 319-830-1809