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Courses From RMSM For Your Ministry Mobilization



Robert M. Service Ministries (RMSM) has announced the availability of four courses for training Christian volunteers, missionaries, project teams, and other workers for domestic and foreign ministry.  These courses are taught online or on-site in weekly sessions or with more intensive full time daily week-long sessions.  A local pastor or volunteer can administer either the online or on-site versions.


The Discipleship Basics course was written by Robert M. Service as a six week class for born again Christians wanting to become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ through identifying and meeting the Biblical requirements of discipleship.  Becoming a disciple equips anyone to make disciples as directed in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20, the gospel’s central directive to all the members of the body of Christ.


A six week follow-up course is offered on Christian Community Wide Outreach Ministry Development that can be applied in either rural or urban settings to mobilize disciples in the identification of local spiritual and physical prayer needs that can open many local doors for opportunities to both pray and do active outreach ministry to the churched and unchurched alike.


The Community Development course which covers 10 weeks of study focuses on technologies that are appropriate for building low cost community electric power systems integrated with community greenhouse food production systems.  It includes much information on community wide outreach and discipleship within it to enable the community development to be carried out from a community or village local Christian outreach platform.  The Discipleship Basics course is still suggested as a prerequisite for this course.


Another course entitled the Family Community Manual was completed especially for the homeschooling family.  It features five sections covering Christian outreach ministry strategy, topical Bible studies, financial planning, kingdom building ministries, and prophesied end time events.  The course can be taught in one school year at the high school or college level.


An application form is available to request help in organizing a local community development ministry project at the grass roots level from RMSM and its sister enterprise, R. M. Service & Associates.


All the above courses are available free of charge to third world families, individuals, and churches, and for any unspecified free will donation to families, individuals, and churches in developed nations.



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